Madrid Metro Map 20192024 Expansion

Madrid Metro Map 20192024 Expansion

Madrid Metro Map 2019-2024 Expansion

Key Takeaways

  • The Madrid Metro map showcases the expansion plans from 2019 to 2024.
  • This article highlights the history, unique insights, and frequently asked questions about the map.


The Madrid Metro is one of the largest and busiest metro systems in the world. It has been serving the citizens and tourists of Madrid since its inauguration on October 17, 1919. Over the years, the metro network has continuously expanded, connecting different parts of the city and making commuting easier for millions of people.

Unique Insights

The Madrid Metro map for the 2019-2024 expansion provides valuable insights into the city’s future infrastructure plans. The expansion aims to improve connectivity and accessibility, ensuring a smooth and efficient transportation system.

Here are some unique insights about the Madrid Metro map:

  • The expansion covers both extensions of existing lines and the addition of new lines.
  • Several key areas of the city will benefit from the expansion, including suburbs, business districts, and densely populated residential areas.
  • The overall goal is to reduce travel time, alleviate congestion, and enhance the overall passenger experience.

Relevant Facts

Year Expansion
2019 Line 11 expansion to Conde de Casal station.
2020 Line 12 extension to the new Hospital de Valdebebas station.
2021 Opening of Line 10 loop.
2022 New Line 1 extension to Valdecarros.
2023 Line 7 extension to Avda. de los Rosales.
2024 Opening of new Line 11 branch to Arroyo del Fresno and extension to Atocha station.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

  1. When did the Madrid Metro system start?

    The Madrid Metro system was inaugurated on October 17, 1919.

  2. What is the purpose of the 2019-2024 expansion?

    The expansion aims to improve connectivity, reduce travel time, and enhance the overall passenger experience in Madrid.

  3. Which areas will benefit from the expansion?

    The expansion covers key areas of the city, including suburbs, business districts, and densely populated residential areas.

  4. Which lines are being extended?

    Line 11, Line 12, Line 1, and Line 7 are being extended as part of the expansion plans.

  5. What is the significance of the Line 10 loop?

    The Line 10 loop will enable passengers to travel in a circular route, providing additional convenience for commuters.

  6. Which new stations are being added?

    New stations include Hospital de Valdebebas, Valdecarros, Avda. de los Rosales, Arroyo del Fresno, and an extension to Atocha station.

  7. What are the goals of the Madrid Metro expansion?

    The goals of the expansion include reducing congestion, improving accessibility, and enhancing the overall transportation system in Madrid.

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