Map Of Clermont County Ohio With Municipal And Township Labels

Map Of Clermont County Ohio With Municipal And Township Labels

Key Takeaways

  • The map of Clermont County Ohio with municipal and township labels provides a detailed overview of the region’s geographic layout.
  • This map helps residents, visitors, and researchers to easily identify and locate various municipalities and townships within Clermont County.
  • By highlighting the administrative divisions and landmarks, this map serves as an essential tool for navigation and understanding the area.


Clermont County, located in the southwestern part of Ohio, was established on December 6, 1800. It was named after Clermont, a region in France that means “clear mountain.” The county was primarily rural and agricultural, with the Ohio River serving as a vital transportation route.

Over time, the county experienced growth and development, with the establishment of various municipalities and townships. Each of these administrative divisions played a crucial role in shaping the region’s identity and contributing to its progress.

Unique Insights

1. Rich Historical Significance: The map showcases the historical significance of Clermont County by featuring landmarks, heritage sites, and historical districts within its boundaries. Exploring these areas can provide a deeper understanding of the county’s past.

2. Geographic Diversity: Clermont County extends over an area of approximately 458 square miles, encompassing diverse landscapes such as rolling hills, valleys, and rivers. This map allows users to visualize the vastness and topographical variations of the county.

3. Township Identification: With the labeled townships, this map helps individuals identify and recognize the different townships within Clermont County. This knowledge is valuable for both residents and visitors, facilitating effective communication and navigation.

4. Municipal Boundaries: The map clearly outlines the boundaries of each municipality in Clermont County. This feature aids in understanding and distinguishing the various cities, towns, and villages that make up the county.

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Table of Relevant Facts

Year Event
1800 Clermont County officially established
1837 Williamsburg Township founded
1862 Citizens of Batavia vote to incorporate as a village
1880 Amelia Village incorporated

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

1. What is the significance of Clermont County?

Clermont County holds historical importance as one of the oldest established counties in Ohio.

2. How can this map be useful for residents?

This map helps residents identify their township and its respective boundaries, aiding in local community engagement.

3. What landmarks are highlighted on the map?

The map showcases landmarks such as the historic Clermont County Courthouse, Stonelick Covered Bridge, and East Fork State Park.

4. Can this map guide tourists visiting Clermont County?

Yes, the map provides a comprehensive overview of the county’s municipalities and townships, aiding tourists in navigation and exploring.

5. Are there any recreational areas marked on the map?

Yes, the map identifies recreational areas like parks, state forests, and lakes within Clermont County.

6. How often are the municipal and township boundaries updated?

The boundaries are generally updated after any changes in the administrative divisions, which occur infrequently.

7. Are there any historical districts in Clermont County?

Yes, Clermont County has several historical districts, such as the Williamsburg Historic District and New Richmond Historic District.

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