Mapa Fronteras Albania

Mapa Fronteras Albania

Key Takeaways

  • Albania is a country located in Southeast Europe.
  • The Mapa Fronteras Albania provides an overview of Albania’s international boundaries.
  • Understanding the map helps in analyzing Albania’s geopolitical position and its relationships with neighboring countries.


The Mapa Fronteras Albania is a cartographic representation of Albania’s borders. The history of Albania’s borders has been shaped by various political and territorial disputes over the years. Here is a brief overview of Albania’s border history:

Pre-World War I

Albania gained independence in 1912, and its borders were initially established through negotiations with neighboring countries. However, the precise demarcation of borders remained a contentious issue.

World War I and Beyond

During World War I, Albania faced territorial changes as neighboring powers asserted control over different regions. The Treaty of London in 1915 resulted in the division of Albania, with parts of its territory being ceded to neighboring countries.

Following the war, in 1919, the Conference of Ambassadors in Paris recognized Albania as an independent country and attempted to resolve border disputes. Subsequently, Albania’s borders were further solidified through various treaties and agreements.

Communist Era

After World War II, Albania came under communist rule led by Enver Hoxha. The country became isolated from the international community, and its borders were tightly controlled. Albania’s borders during this period experienced limited changes.

Post-Communist Era

With the fall of communism in Albania in 1992, the country embarked on a process of transition. During this period, border demarcations with neighboring countries were revisited and clarified. Various agreements were signed to ensure peaceful coexistence and facilitate regional cooperation.

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Unique Insights

Studying the Mapa Fronteras Albania provides several unique insights into the country’s geopolitical context:

  • Albania shares borders with four countries: Greece, North Macedonia, Kosovo, and Montenegro.
  • The coastline of Albania extends along the Adriatic and Ionian Seas, offering strategic access to maritime trade routes.
  • The border with Greece, marked by the Drino River, has historical significance and cultural ties.
  • Albania’s border with North Macedonia is a result of the Prespa Agreement, signed in 2018, which resolved a long-standing naming dispute.
  • The border with Kosovo remains a topic of discussion and diplomatic negotiations due to Kosovo’s status.
  • The border with Montenegro is defined by natural features such as mountains and rivers.

Table of Relevant Facts

Year Event
1912 Albanian independence
1915 Treaty of London divides Albania
1919 Conference of Ambassadors recognizes Albania
1992 Communist rule ends
2018 Prespa Agreement with North Macedonia


  1. What is the purpose of the Mapa Fronteras Albania?

    The Mapa Fronteras Albania aims to provide a visual representation of Albania’s international borders.

  2. How many countries does Albania share borders with?

    Albania shares borders with four countries: Greece, North Macedonia, Kosovo, and Montenegro.

  3. Why are Albania’s borders historically significant?

    Albania’s borders are historically significant due to territorial disputes and geopolitical considerations.

  4. What is the significance of the border with Greece?

    The border with Greece is marked by the Drino River and holds historical and cultural importance.

  5. When did Albania gain independence?

    Albania gained independence in 1912.

  6. How has the border with North Macedonia been resolved?

    The border with North Macedonia was resolved through the signing of the Prespa Agreement in 2018.

  7. What is the current status of the border with Kosovo?

    The border with Kosovo remains a topic of discussion and diplomatic negotiations due to Kosovo’s status.

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