Poole Harbour Os Opendata Map

Poole Harbour Os Opendata Map

Poole Harbour Os Opendata Map

Key Takeaways

  • Poole Harbour is one of the largest natural harbours in the world.
  • The Poole Harbour Os Opendata Map provides valuable information about the area.
  • The map showcases various features, including marinas, beaches, and natural reserves.
  • It is an excellent resource for sailors, tourists, and nature enthusiasts.
  • The map offers detailed information about the tides, currents, and navigational aids in the harbour.
  • Users can access the map online for free.

History of Poole Harbour

Poole Harbour, located on the south coast of England, has a rich history dating back to prehistoric times. The natural harbor has served as a strategic location for trade and defense throughout the centuries. The area has witnessed the passage of Celts, Romans, and Normans.

In the medieval period, Poole Harbour was an important center for the wool trade. The town of Poole grew around the harbor and became a significant port. In the 18th century, the harbor played a crucial role in the Newfoundland fishery trade, with ships from Poole venturing to the waters of North America.

During World War II, Poole Harbour served as an essential embarkation point for the D-Day landings. The harborside played a significant role in the preparations and logistics of the Normandy invasion.

Today, Poole Harbour is not only a vibrant port but also a popular destination for boating, fishing, and tourism. The harbor is home to a diverse range of flora and fauna, making it an environmentally important area.

Unique Insights

  • Poole Harbour covers an area of approximately 36 square kilometers.
  • The harbor is renowned for its stunning natural beauty, including its various islands, such as Brownsea Island.
  • It is a haven for wildlife, with numerous bird species, including the endangered black-tailed godwit, using the harbor as a feeding ground.
  • The Poole Harbour Os Opendata Map provides detailed information about the different sailing routes and anchorages available within the harbor.
  • It highlights the locations of marinas, beaches, and viewpoints, allowing visitors to plan their activities effectively.
  • The map also features information about the environmental sensitivities of certain areas and provides guidelines for responsible boating and wildlife observation.
  • Users can access up-to-date information about tides, currents, and weather conditions through the map.
  • The map can be used as a navigation tool, aiding sailors in safe passage through the harbor.
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Table of Relevant Facts

Year Event
Prehistoric Times Poole Harbour used by early settlers.
15th Century Development of Poole as an important wool trading center.
18th Century Poole Harbour’s involvement in the Newfoundland fishery trade.
1944 Poole Harbour’s role in the preparations for the D-Day landings.


  1. Is the Poole Harbour Os Opendata Map free to use?

    Yes, the map is available online for free, allowing users to access valuable information about Poole Harbour.

  2. What kind of information does the map provide?

    The map offers details on marinas, beaches, viewpoints, sailing routes, tides, currents, navigational aids, and environmental guidelines.

  3. Can the map be used for navigation purposes?

    Yes, the Poole Harbour Os Opendata Map can assist sailors in navigating the harbor safely and efficiently.

  4. Does the map include information about wildlife in the area?

    Yes, the map highlights the environmental sensitivities of certain areas and provides guidelines for responsible wildlife observation.

  5. Can I find information about weather conditions on the map?

    Yes, the map provides up-to-date information about tides, currents, and weather conditions.

  6. Is Poole Harbour a popular tourist destination?

    Yes, Poole Harbour attracts tourists due to its natural beauty, boating opportunities, and vibrant harbor atmosphere.

  7. What are some popular activities to do in Poole Harbour?

    Popular activities include boating, fishing, wildlife observation, and visiting nearby islands like Brownsea Island.

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