Thessaloniki And Suburbs Road Map 20080801

Thessaloniki And Suburbs Road Map 20080801

Key Takeaways

  • The “Thessaloniki And Suburbs Road Map 20080801” provides a detailed overview of the road network in Thessaloniki and its surrounding areas.
  • It is a valuable tool for both residents and visitors to navigate and explore the region, featuring essential information on highways, roads, and landmarks.
  • The map enables efficient trip planning, helping users choose the most convenient routes to reach their desired destinations.


The “Thessaloniki And Suburbs Road Map 20080801” was designed and published by a team of expert cartographers. It captures the road infrastructure as it existed in August 2008, portraying the city’s road network and connecting routes to the suburbs and neighboring areas.

Unique Insights

Here are some unique insights that can be gained from the “Thessaloniki And Suburbs Road Map 20080801”:

  1. The map highlights the significant road arteries, such as Egnatia Odos and Thessaloniki’s circular road (A25), which facilitate connectivity within the city and to other regions.
  2. It showcases the diverse suburbs surrounding Thessaloniki, providing an indication of their proximity and accessible routes.
  3. The map showcases various landmarks, including museums, parks, historical sites, and recreational areas, enabling users to plan sightseeing trips effectively.
  4. It offers valuable information on the major transportation hubs, such as the Port of Thessaloniki and Macedonia International Airport.

Table of Relevant Facts (2008)

Date Event
July 5 The construction of the Egnatia Odos (A2) motorway is completed, further enhancing the transportation infrastructure in the region.
August 3 The Thessaloniki International Fair, showcasing various industries, technology, and innovation, attracts visitors from around the world.
October 12 The Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, one of Greece’s largest educational institutions, celebrates its 85th anniversary.
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  1. Can I find specific street names on the map?

    Yes, the “Thessaloniki And Suburbs Road Map 20080801” provides a comprehensive overview of the street names and labels major roads and intersections.

  2. Are there bike lanes indicated on the map?

    While the map primarily focuses on roadways, it does not specifically indicate bike lanes or cycling routes.

  3. Does the map include public transportation information?

    No, the “Thessaloniki And Suburbs Road Map 20080801” is primarily intended for road navigation and does not provide detailed information on public transportation services.

  4. Is the map available in digital format?

    At the time of publication, the map was primarily available in physical format, but there may be digital versions available through modern map providers.

  5. Can I use the map for commercial purposes?

    To use the map for commercial purposes, it is recommended to check the copyright and licensing information of the map’s publisher.

  6. Does the map provide information on attractions and points of interest?

    Yes, the “Thessaloniki And Suburbs Road Map 20080801” includes symbols and labels for various attractions, landmarks, and points of interest in and around Thessaloniki.

  7. Is the map suitable for drivers unfamiliar with the region?

    Absolutely! The “Thessaloniki And Suburbs Road Map 20080801” is designed to assist all drivers, including those unfamiliar with the region, providing a clear and easy-to-read representation of the road network.

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