Uttar Pradesh District Location Map Mainpuri

Uttar Pradesh District Location Map Mainpuri

Key Takeaways

  • Mainpuri is a district located in the state of Uttar Pradesh, India.
  • The district is known for its rich historical significance and cultural heritage.
  • Mainpuri has a strategic location, being situated on the banks of the Yamuna River.
  • The district is surrounded by various other districts of Uttar Pradesh.
  • Mainpuri offers numerous tourist attractions, including historical monuments, temples, and natural beauty.
  • The map provides essential information about the district’s location and neighboring areas.
  • It is a useful resource for travelers, researchers, and anyone interested in exploring Mainpuri.


Mainpuri has a rich historical background dating back to ancient times. The district was initially a part of Kanpur district but was later separated and established as an independent district on 12 November 1801. Throughout history, Mainpuri has witnessed the rise and fall of various dynasties, including the Mauryas, Guptas, and Mughals.

During the medieval period, Mainpuri came under the rule of the Delhi Sultanate and later the Mughal Empire. The region flourished under Akbar’s reign and witnessed significant growth in trade and agriculture.

In the 18th century, the district came under the control of the Marathas, and later the British East India Company took over. Mainpuri played an essential role during the Indian Rebellion of 1857, also known as the Sepoy Mutiny, against the British rule.

After India gained independence in 1947, Mainpuri became a part of the newly formed state of Uttar Pradesh. It has since developed into a prominent district, known for its agriculture, handicrafts, and cultural heritage.

Unique Insights

Mainpuri holds several unique insights that contribute to its significance:

  1. Mainpuri is renowned for its Samajwadi Party connection, as it is the political stronghold of the party’s founder, Mulayam Singh Yadav.
  2. The district is famous for its vibrant handicraft industry, especially the production of wooden toys and bangles.
  3. It is home to the ancient temples of Devi Durga Mandir, Lord Shiva, and Ghanta Mandir, which attract tourists and devotees from far and wide.
  4. Mainpuri is known for its prominent role in promoting traditional folk dances and music of Uttar Pradesh, enriching the cultural legacy of the state.
  5. The district has a diverse culinary scene, offering a range of delicious local delicacies such as Aloo ki Sabzi, Bedmi Puri, and Petha.
  6. Mainpuri is surrounded by prominent districts like Etawah, Firozabad, Agra, and Etah, making it an ideal location for exploring the nearby attractions.
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Relevant Facts

Year Event
1801 Mainpuri established as an independent district
1857 Mainpuri’s role in the Indian Rebellion of 1857
1947 Mainpuri becomes a part of Uttar Pradesh after India’s independence
Present Mainpuri known for agriculture, handicrafts, and cultural heritage


1. What is the significance of Mainpuri?

Mainpuri holds both historical and cultural significance. It is known for its rich heritage, political importance, and vibrant handicraft industry.

2. Which political party is associated with Mainpuri?

Mainpuri is the political stronghold of the Samajwadi Party, which was founded by Mulayam Singh Yadav.

3. What are the major attractions in Mainpuri?

Mainpuri offers various tourist attractions, including ancient temples, historical monuments, and the opportunity to explore vibrant local traditions and cuisine.

4. Which districts surround Mainpuri?

Mainpuri is surrounded by districts like Etawah, Firozabad, Agra, and Etah.

5. What are the famous local delicacies of Mainpuri?

Mainpuri is known for its culinary delights, including Aloo ki Sabzi, Bedmi Puri, and Petha.

6. Is Mainpuri a suitable place for researchers?

Yes, Mainpuri offers researchers valuable insights into history, culture, and the development of Uttar Pradesh over the years.

7. How can one reach Mainpuri?

Mainpuri is well connected by road and rail. The nearest major railway station is Etawah, and it is easily accessible by various modes of transportation.

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